How to Transform an Old Window Into a Key Rack

So have you ever been late for work because you are frantically looking for your keys? Well I have. We don’t have a designated spot to leave our keys. My husband tends to leave the keys where ever he is and never remembers to tell me where he left them. I have had countless morning where I have to call him at work because I can’t find the car keys. He will end up telling me where he thinks he left them and then follows that with a list of three or four other places to look just in case it wasn’t where he told me to look the first time. The worst is when they get left on the entertainment center and our one year old gets a hold of them, then I’m really on a wild goose chase.

I looked at various different key racks but I never found one I really liked for a decent price. So I thought why spend all that money on a new one when I could make one myself. So I decided to get crafty and make myself a key rack. I wanted it to be large enough to hold both our sets of key and maybe a jacket for all of us. I decided on transforming an old window and giving it new life.

So here is how I made it. I started by sanding down the entire frame. After I sanded everything I taped everything off in order to get ready for spray paint.

After everything was prepped and ready to go I took it outside in order to spray paint it.

I applied the first coat and left it to dry for about three hours before I went and added the next coat. I applied three coats to ensure full coverage.

After all the painting was done and dried it was time for the coat hooks. It was time to use power tools! If you couldn’t tell I was pretty excited about that.

I placed the hooks on the frame and measured the spaces out so that all the hooks were equal distant.

After putting the hooks on I added some vinyl letter and hung it up.

I am so excited with how it turned out, and now I have a designated spot for our keys. No more going crazy looking for my keys. No more running late because of lost keys, and to top it all off I spent less than twenty dollars making this!

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